Charlie Rose the man!

Charlie Rose is one of my favorite journalists of the day. His talk shows have certain depth and intensity rarely seen in crapfests passing for shows on the television today, and I try my best not to miss any of them (though due to time restraints I usually watch them on the net these days). Broad topic coverage ranging from top of the lines sciences to cultural phenomenon, and he isn’t afraid to dig deeper into those topics and is enough of a man to admit to things he doesn’t know in professional context. Meticulous research of topics seem to be his friend (unlike most talk show hosts these days, who seem to throw anything off the top of their head hoping to sound intelligent).

I’ve recently found out (this morning, about thirty minutes ago actually) that Charlie Rose is also a sort of gadget geek. In fact, he loves his gadgets so much that he would jump to their defense at the risk of physical harm to his own body. Seriously, how cool is that? A world class journalist who also knows to appreciate the finer (techie) things in life! The world needs more of those I think. The divide between the technologically proficient and technologically illiterate had been getting on my nerves in view of the path the human world as a whole seem to be taking. Maybe someday the divide will become so transparent that it won’t be visible to anyone but the most determined observer…


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