Bach by the window

It’s been an unusual afternoon of relaxation and reading today. I’m listening to Bach’s concerto for two violins in D minor. The music of violin is especially fitting with the calm afternoon sunlight streaming in through the windows… It sounds as if the light and the instrument were made for each other, sharing some fundamental secret amongst themselves that mortal men are not privy to.

This kind of experience always arouses an intense wave of curiosity over my mind. Just what makes a molecular system react in such a way to certain vibrations of air? Is it complexity? Is it some innate characteristic of my components? Or is it purely dependent on the way the materials are arranged? Is it replicable? If this is a natural phenomenon, who’s to say that another phenomenon of similar nature might be manifesting somewhere else in this universe, on entirely different materials and scales, like that of a whole galaxy? Imagine, the bow of energies striding across the strings of time and space, propagating a subtle echo of the exuberant creations, ringing away toward eternity.

My favorite cup of green tea ice cream is beginning to melt away. I should go now and enjoy my life more.


2 thoughts on “Bach by the window

  1. I love green tea ice cream. I just can’t understand why they are not selling it in more places… I have to drive out to Manhattan whenever I need to get a new batch!

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