Your name to the moon!

A little note on something I just came across.

The wonderful folks at NASA (despite what the people say, I still believe in the dream!) have decided to send bunch of names to the moon on their new Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter project. All you have to do is visit the site and click on the link titled ‘Send Your Name to the Moon.’ After which you’ll be prompted to enter your name. They also have this neat certificate of participation available on their website, which you can print and/or download as a pdf file for showing off to family and friends.

Since manned flight to the moon (at least for me) won’t be happening any time soon, we might as well whet our appetite with this little demo of the moon world experience. Tell this to your friends and families. It doesn’t hurt to have your name sent up to the moon. And we don’t want to disappoint the nice people who thought to do this, do we?

As for me, I have to go get some green tea ice cream while humming along the fly me to the moon.


4 thoughts on “Your name to the moon!

  1. Nice post. I read the link that you posted. It says “their name entered into a database. The database will be placed on a microchip that will be integrated onto the spacecraft.” Any idea what that could possibly mean?

    We are all parts of so many databases already – credit cards, banks, social security, employers list, local clubs etcetc.. well one more won’t hurt!

    Cheers! Jay

  2. Thanks for visiting.

    I think its precisely what they said. The names will be digitized and put on a chip aboard the spacecraft as opposed to the more traditional way of putting names on such things, like engraving. Makes sense too. This would be much cheaper and efficient considering that they aren’t getting a dime out of this one. It’s the sign of the times, I guess.


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