Joy of reading

As my acquaintances know well enough already, I love reading. There is something peculiarly tempting about the very activity of reading itself that appeals to me beyond the information, stories and knowledge that can be gleamed as the result of reading, just like the act of gaming that attracts people of all ages beyond the benefits of aesthetics and possible brain-enhancement associated with the act.

Of course, my job as a full-time student makes reading a mandatory part of my life. And my interests tend to diverge across wildly different fields, so the volumes I handle tend to be just as numerous. Through all the time I’ve spent digging into the mazes of phantasm and ideas, I’ve come to notice something about the nature of my captivation with the act of reading. While I do enjoy reading through the informationally intense texts, I much prefer well written fiction of somewhat classical setting and witty writing while I’m winding down. Strangely enough, occasional feats of such ‘light reading’ helps me concentrate even better while reading through the academic texts and papers, and the performance boost is very significant.

So I’m thinking of designing a reading schedule for myself that should be able to satisfy my urge for reading and academic performance in one fell swoop. I remember reading through the ‘Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell’ a few months ago. I was completely immersed in the story and character of the mysterious yet whimsical world created by the gifted author Susanna Clarke, and even now I can picture some of the scenes of the book in front of me as clear as the daylight. I’ve already finished the City of Dreaming Books by Walter Moers, which I loved as much as I’ve loved reading the Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. I’m almost at the end of the Baroque Cycle series of three books written by Neal Stephenson, who I believe is a thoughtful yet humorous writer, with certain charmingly irreverent attitude woven into every pages of his books. His newest work would be Anathem scheduled to be released somewhere in September, so I need to find some book to tide me over until then. Just what kind of book would be able to satisfy the strange bibliophile in me? I prefer to hold the book in my hand while reading, absorbing the subtle shades of light and the texture of the pages just as rich as the stories and characters themselves, forming the icing on the cake that is the activity of reading… So no ebooks or internet books at the moment. I get plenty of those from my school in forms of scientific papers I have to report on.

I’m burning through amazon and librarything web pages trying to find my next leisure reading right now. I just hope I’d be able to find another amazing book soon. I feel like someone searching for water in middle of a vast desert, its borders continuing throughout the stretch of my lifetime.


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