Random thing on SciFoo

Just a quick update on something I found on the net by chance. As many of you would know, I will not be able to do a full post until I get some work stuff done, which should be early September…

Those of you in the know would probably be aware of the SciFoo that took place a few weeks ago. While looking at the Flickr photostream for the SciFoo 08 (deep in contemplation on how to get invited to the inevitable 09 meet up) I found an interesting picture… Well the picture itself is not interesting per se, I am really talking about the person in the picture.

Neal Stephenson was apparently present in the recent iteration of SciFoo. He is the writer behind the Cryptonomicon, Snow Crash, and the Baroque Cycle. A sort of cyberpunkish economics-hacking system-forming stories are his forte (so far). He had been inactive for a while though. His new work titled Anathem is set to be released this September, something that is coming out after six or so years of silence from a prolific author. To say that I am excited would be an understatement, since I consider him to be one of the best entertainment writers around today (for those of you who take offense at the term, Victor Hugo was a pulp-fiction writer of his day. Yet his name went down in history and he is not likely to be forgotten anytime soon).

One thing I can not stop thinking about now: Which sessions did Neal Stephenson attend?

P.S. :Is he still using Mac? (He should really update his essay In the Beginning there was Command Line sometime in the future…)


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