White tea

Have I ever mentioned that I’m really particular about teas? I usually don’t go for those instant stuff. I mean the premium stuff, the tea leaves with pedigree. Of course, such teas are usually somewhere between somewhat and very expensive, and I can’t often afford such teas with my budget, especially considering my equal love of good red wines. I try to make do with what I can find in this mass produced society, by filling up my diet with all things tea related. It goes without mentioning that my favorite ice cream flavor is green tea (why aren’t there any other great tea tasting ice creams? Hmm. Synthetic receptor issues?).

I’ve recently come across the white tea line from Inkos, and I must say that these thing are probably the best instant-packaged teas I’ve ever drank in my life. It’s quite refreshing without being too sweet or having bitter aftertaste. Their taste is ‘light’ compared to similar sugar water being sold by, say, Nastea, which I consider to be a simple sugar water compound/leftover coke with tea additives. The worse of the instant, packaged teas usually leave terrible aftertaste and bad breath. This white tea doesn’t do that. Even better, they actually sell their products online by the box, at a cheaper price compared to what you would have to pay at a local convey…. I might get the full box later on, once I get my life a bit more organized.


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