Wondering chrome

A little life update, as usual.

Now I am not as busy as before… Meaning that I have fewer deadlines to worry about at the moment, though there are a number of them looming on the horizon. Now that I have a bit of time I want to write a proper blog post like I did before, but the sudden relaxed lifestyle led to an unexpected flood of ideas and curiosities that I just do not know where to begin writing now. Oh well, I guess I gotta take it slow and one at a time.

Google Chrome had been generating a lot of fuss since the very moment it was released, from the interesting user interface and multi-processing/self-contained architecture to its future development as a product of the ubiquitous Google nation (especially with Android OS set to come up in a very near future, and who knows what other surprises Google has in store for us with all their employees getting 1/5 workday set aside for personal projects). Those of you who have not tried Chrome yet for some strange reason should at least give it a whirl, see how it is like.

Despite some issues with the technical execution (usually centering around accessibility issues and memory-hogging… Which should be expected of a beta product) and the draconian EULA included with the default Chrome distribution (which Google claims is a mistake on their part), I must say that I like this browser, and can not wait to get my hands on the final release. There is certain atmosphere of simplicity and elegance sewn into the very fabric of the program itself that appeals to me. It is like looking at a baby. So little now, yet with so many promising future ahead of her/him/it.

Indeed, the true appeal of Google Chrome is not what it is right now, (though it is one nifty browser as it is) but what it can become and what it can push other browsers to aspire to, using its extensive database support, opensourced architecture, and inevitable wave of third party plugins.

Now that I think about it, maybe even the whole memory-hogging issue of the beta Chrome is some part of its intended design acting up (of course, it is the multi-process architecture gone bad, but beyond that). With Snow Leopard update coming soon from Apple widely proclaiming full support/utility for the 64bit+ architecture, it makes me think if Google also has in mind some sort of 64bit utilizing browser architecture that had been designed from the ground up to take advantage of the advances in hardware/software mode.

Whether you like Chrome or not, its development in the future will certainly be worth keeping tabs on.


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