Update after the silence.

I’ve been away from U.S.A for a while now. Well, it’s actually only been around two weeks or so, but it still feel like forever to me (it probably is on the net).

I’ve been attending the Synthetic Biology 4.0 conference in Hong Kong, and spent the rest of the days in South Korea visiting bunch of friends and families… The level of technology around this part of the world really puts NYC to shame. And people wonder why U.S.A is losing it’s edge lately (which actually means for about a few decades).

I was fortunate enough to learn a lot of interesting things about the currents trend of synthetic biology, what it exactly is, and how to do it, among other things (like the minimal cell and multitude of ways to construct it). I plan to do a full post on some of the topics I found interesting (which I took extensive notes on) once I get to somewhere more private, since I’m writing this using the public wifi terminal at the Tokyo Narita airport on my way back to the states. 


An important reminder: the google 10^100 contest (http://www.project10tothe100.com/index.html) deadline is today! Don’t forget to submit your idea for changing the world if you haven’t already!


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