Visualization: Translation

Normally I don’t make more than one post on my blog, but this is way too cool to pass up for next week.

A friend of mine sent me an interesting link to a video on Vimeo, titled Music Is Math (so true).

As the author/programmer/artist said on the Vimeo page, this is a visualization of music created through a programming language called processing. I like it. While some would argue that this is more of a glorified music visualizer frequently seen built into most popular music players available for download on the web today, simple visualization is not the only thing the processing language is capable of. Take a look at this.

Apparently, the creator of this particular piece used the processing language in such a way that it analyzes the graphic file of iris to create music from it’s sequence. Visualization and auralization at heart is a translation of one type of information into another. Is it possible that as the digital media advances we would find some universal pattern or principle behind different aesthetic systems, to define the intangible spirit of beauty beyond individual manifestations in front of our senses? A little too platonic, but a good food for thought nonetheless.

I haven’t looked much into the processing language yet, but I definitely plan to do so some time in the near future. Just think of the possibilities. The computer can be turned into an instrument that can recognize and play the universe around it, or vice versa, map the universe compressed into a piece of music.

How about a perpetually observant telescope translating the chart of the stars into music? Perhaps even a motorized automaton with similar function? It wouldn’t even have to be playing music. Perhaps it can have multitude of functionality built into it. Perhaps it can be designed to seek out certain vision of the world, to find a vision of the universe it ‘likes’ through physical travel. It would be an automaton designed to seek out beauty.

Maybe in the future, the automaton would even begin making a thing of beauty by its own motorized hands.


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