My Black Friday books

I picked up my Amazon Black Friday purchases from the post office today. Here are shots of the purchases I’m especially fond of.

“The varieties of scientific experience” by Carl Sagan. I didn’t plan on buying this, but at five something dollars per copy? Sign me up!



“Journey through genius” by William Dunham. Lovely book on mathematics, suitable for beginners and advanced readers alike. Sometimes I can’t help but wonder why so many children are released from the education system without ever becoming aware of the elegant beauties of mathematics (something I’m much more proficient at compared to writing). 



“Falling for science” with introduction by Sherry Turkle. It’s a book with ‘testimonials’ of sorts written by students and faculties at MIT regarding how they became interested in sciences. Very insightful, I highly recommend this book to anyone even remotely interested in field and pursuit of sciences.



Last, but not least. I’m especially fond of this particular acquisition. “The invention of Hugo Cabret” by Brian Selznick. I’ve been lusting after this book for months, but had to put off buying it for variety of reasons. I gave up buying a DVD collection of Ghost in the Shell season 1 so I could get this book (woes to the poor finances of a physics student!), but I say it was well worth it. Look forward to a full blown review of the book once I get through with it. Here’s the website of the book to tide you over until then. 



For a picture-story book, this one is quite thick.  Just how I like it!


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