Japan: Robot Nation

Here’s the link to the documentary in full at current.com. It’s about twenty or so minutes long (why is it so hard to embed video on wordpress?).

Unlike some other (let’s be honest. Most other) Japan/robot documentaries, this one focuses on the social conditions leading to the Japan’s apparent love of robotics. It sheds something of a harsh, yet realistic view on the state of Japanese society and their labor market, something I am somewhat familiar on indirect level through experiences of those close to me.

I only wish the documentary was longer. They had a lot of venues to explore in depth, Japanese society being one of the most complex human organizations around these days (but then, aren’t all human organizations complex?).

They briefly mention the difficulty foreign immigrants (even those of foreign-heritage native to Japan) face in mainstream Japanese society. Caucasians get an easier time though, especially if you’re rich and hold a professional job. It must be noted though, that while Japanese society have issues the individual folks are pleasant enough, friendly people.

I wonder what the venerable leaders of the United States are planning in preparation for the incoming onslaught of robotic workforces?


One thought on “Japan: Robot Nation

  1. Excellent documentary. I am glad I came across your post to find that. I agree, I wish it was a lot longer since I was captivated throughout the entire film.

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