note: Life Explained

A quick note from a book before I fall asleep and forget about it…

Life Explained by Michel Morange (ISBN 978-0-300-13732-3)
1952: J.Perrett “Life is a potentially self-perpetuating open system of linked organic reactions, catalyzed stepwise and almost isothermally by complex and specific organic catalysts which are themselves produced by the system.”
-corresponds to 1/2 Joyce, representative of Autopoietic class models of self-organization.

Alvaro Moreno Bergareche, Julio Fernandez Ostoloza
1)life implies spatio-temporal structure
2)reproduction required
3)organisms store information that encodes a description of themselves
4)all organisms possess metabolism-set of chemical reactions-that convert matter and energy from the environment to a form that can be used by the organism
5)complex organisms functionally interact with the environment
6)all organisms exhibit interdependence among its components
7)all organisms attempt to stabilize themselves in the face of perturbations
8)life evolves
(((autonomy+ability to process information)))
Above list is characteristic of computerized artificial life research mindset, modeling ‘higher’ complex organisms as a basic template for the characteristics of life.
Claude Bernard:characteristics at apex of evolution just as fundamental as universal base trait

Patrice David, Sarah Samandi
I. Identifying the properties that charcaterize life and determining which of them is essential

1)distinctive molecular constitution that differs from other physical objects
2)complex architecture maintained despite the constant transformations of the material substrate
3)capacity to reproduce, due to presence of information molecules

II. Decide which of the properties constitute a universal criterion for recognizing organisms in an environment different from that of the Earth


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