Imagine science film festival

Just a quick note before I doze off for tomorrow’s work.

NYC, befitting its status as one of the more interesting places to live in around the world, is the host to this amazing event called the Imagine Science Film Festival. Now I’m nuts for all things science, but I especially love this festival in comparison to other science-y things to see and do around the city (with possible exception of DIYBio-NYC).

I personally believe that arts and sciences go hand in hand and that current division between the sciences and the ‘humanities’ is something of a temporary cultural aberration that we’ll all look back and laugh at. And the kind of works I saw at last year’s Imagine Science Film Festival events showed me a glimpse of what a future with sciences and humanities intermingled together might look like. It’s not so much as the specifics of the individual films but the overarching theme pervading through the atmosphere of the whole festival itself that caught my attention. Perhaps it’s the passion of the event organizers rubbing off on others watching the films. Perhaps it was just me realizing something I already had inside me through the mirror of projector screens.

If you’re in the NYC area, make sure to check out the webpage for the imagine science films and mark the dates on the calenders (there’s a screening benefit program this September 9th). Last year most of the screenings were free and I get a feeling that it will continue to be that way this year as well. If you’re not in the NYC area, feel free to donate in return for some cool t-shirts 😉 You’ll be supporting a worthy cause.

And here’s the festival trailer for your viewing pleasure.


The world science festival

The world science festival 2008 is happening in NYC from late May to June.

I am so excited! I just can’t wait to attend the events. They have bunch of big-name Nobel-laureates giving talks in conjunction with performance/conversation with artists, on wealth of interesting topics like the human identity, the ever-staple nature of quantum universe, future cityscape and physical basis of life.

I especially like how major art institutions and artists are participating along with the traditional scientists. “Come for the art, leave with the science” They say. Maybe this will be the first remarkable step towards the true artscience. Like I said, I can’t wait for the festival to start. I’m already browsing through their website marking down events I want to attend. They are happening all over the city and many of their time lapses with each other, so anyone planning on visiting one of the events should plan ahead.

Bring your children, your family, or your girl/boy friend! What’s the benefit of living in one of the biggest cities in the world if you don’t participate in the festivals, right?