Note on Number 28

Number 28 is an art piece created by Jackson Pollock. I just wanted to jot down parts of a comment by Clement Greenberg on that piece I came across recently. The art at question here is referred to as polyphonic in its composition, knit together with multiplicity of identical or similar elements. He describes the painting as repeating itself without strong variation from one end of canvas to another and digress with beginning, middle, and the end.

The terms Greenberg used in describing the painting is quite interesting to me, in that they might as well be used to describe music, writing, or some complex artificial life system. Perhaps the multiplicity of the nature of ‘art’ without medium is more readily obvious than I first imagined.


Impressions and expressions

There is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. A drawing in writing. I am not only referring to some whimsical positioning of letters so that they might physically resemble letters.

I think I might be able to truly draw in writing, describing some still life and give it a true world and vision to breath in, so that readers might actually be able to see the drawing by reading, a single moment frozen in time yet open to so much possibilities, so much poignant musings. A photography of writing, a fogged window panes of Mark Rothko. I think it might prove to be a much amusing exercise. Just imagine whole galleries filled with writing, symbiotic with the world around itself like other visual medium, yet containing a whole new world within itself, frozen in time into some profound moment within that world, yet pregnant with all sorts of possibilities and outcomes. A portrait, written/drawn in letters to capture the emergent world beneath the skin.

Now I wonder, how I might be able to pull such a thing off.