Synthetic Biology Debate:Drew Endy and Jim Thomas

Here’s the link to the talk between Drew Endy and Jim Thomas on various aspects of synthetic biology, sponsored by the Long Now foundation.

The talk is about two hours long, and is available for download on the website. From brief look the talk is more about basic exposition of synthetic biology and possible social and ethical implications, rather than technical execution. I’ll do a bit more detailed post on this once I get around to finish watching it.


Interesting resource

This is a two thirty in the morning post, just letting you know.

I came across an interesting service awhile ago, thought I’d share it with you.

It’s an online application that transcodes FLV files into other format of choice, like mp4 for ipod or avi for desktop viewing (for those who don’t have flv viewer). Although there are free desktop applications that does the same thing better, this one is useful in that it doesn’t eat up your computer’s resources. I’m transcoding some music videos and interesting TED talks into mp4 format right now.

Oh, and in case you don’t know what TED is, it’s an annual meeting of brilliant minds across the globe, giving talks on issues related to betterment of humanity. Their topics vary widely, from performing arts to particle physics, and each of those talks are truly a gem. I’ve been binge watching/listening Craig Venter these days. He is currently attempting to build a minimal genome network for construction of a base life-like system, so it has a lot to do with my obsessive interest in artificial life. It’s interesting how easy it is to find genome and synthetic biology relevant talks among the TED list. Whatever the result may be it is certainly the trend of the times… Makes me want to live forever.

The weather outside is the cool shade of a thunderstorm. I hope it continues into tomorrow.